The Lightness Of Being & Holistic Healing Center In Essence

The Lightness Of Being & Holistic Healing Center aspires individuals in the exploration and maintenance of mind, body, spirit and soul interconnection to promote a balanced and peaceful being illuminated with inner light.

We provide unique tools and offerings in the form of yoga classes, yoga therapy sessions, workshops, special events, Ayurvedic consultations, and holistic healing sessions -Reiki & herbal therapies- as well as Native American Sweat & Croning Ceremonies for you to unearth your inner compass and create your journey to physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness.

Join us in our cozy little studios filled with warm brilliant white light and wonderful healing energies in Farum, Denmark as well as the USA in Princeton, NJ and Tunkhannock, PA.

Experience your own lightness of being -explore your body, clear your mind and nourish your spirit and soul.